Prosecco wine: one of the most ancient wine in Italy!

Prosecco Wine? Prosecco is an Italian white wine, which has an ancient history. The tradition of vine-growing dates back to the Roman period: there is a memorial stone of a centurion in Conegliano, which refers to the grape harvest celebration. However, the first written mention of Prosecco was in 1754, when Aureliano Acanti cites the wine in his “Il Roccolo, Ditirambo”.
The Prosecco’s valley is between two regions Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, which comprehend nine provinces. There are two types of Prosecco wine: DOC and DOCG. The difference is about where the vineyards are situated. Sutto’s production refers to the DOCG zone that is in Valdobbiadene that is realized with 85% glera grapes and the remaining 15% from other varieties.
Prosecco wine is an elegant sparkling wine with a light straw colour with fruit and flower aromas. The combinations with food are countless: appetizers, fish, mushrooms, salami and desserts of the valley.

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